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Junior Web Developer

Hello, this is Ben Lattimore from Lattimore and Friends and we are looking for a Junior Web Developer to join us!

So, who are you?

You’ll be friendly, with a keen eye for design and some experience of web development. We definitely aren’t looking for computer science graduates - we’re looking for a genuine junior who brings a solid base level of knowledge and the enthusiasm to learn.

Indeed, you don’t even need to have a degree at all. Perhaps you smashed through all the courses on Codecademy or Treehouse, perhaps you did one of those 8/10/12/15 week crash courses, perhaps you did it the old school way with books from the library. However you got here, we want to take you further. It should also be said here that we’d be so stoked to give more women and/or those from other backgrounds their first step into tech.

So, who are we?

We work with some of the UK and USA’s most exciting creative, branding and communications agencies, providing them with the best possible WordPress, Shopify and Headless experiences.

We’re growing rapidly and we are on the lookout for new Junior Web Developers to join our team.

You will work closely with Ben Lattimore, our founder and experienced WordPress developer, as well as our other junior web developer - and you can draw on the experience of the other 7 or so web developers we work with on a daily basis.

So, what will you do?

Initially, we won’t lie, the work won’t be all too glamorous - but it will supercharge your learning.

You will start by implementing fixes and tweaks across our many, many website projects. This could range from fixing some errant CSS, adding GA tags, setting-up plug-ins, etc, etc.

As your learning and confidence grows, you will take on more responsibility for projects such as developing new sections to websites and hopefully rapidly moving to building a full WordPress/Shopify website yourself.

But don’t stress - you will be pushed but never entirely beyond your ability.

So, what do you need?

We need three things from you:

1.) A base coding ability

  • You will need to bring comfortability with HTML, CSS and jQuery

  • Hopefully you have some experience doing basic WordPress tasks, such as making theme changes (perhaps you have even tried to build a bespoke theme)

  • You will need a wide portfolio of projects to show us - these can definitely be personal projects (we understand it can be hard to win client work early in your career)

2.) An eye for design

  • The biggest complaint agencies have is that websites, once developed, rarely look like the original design. This is a nuisance at best and a business-threatening problem at worst. We’re proud that our most common feedback is how accurate we are to designs and how we work hard to work with designers - and offer them thoughts on how to get the most from their designs.

  • You need to value and understand great design, even if you couldn’t design it yourself - taste is what we are after!

3.) Be a people person

  • Developers have a reputation for being anti-social and a bit unfriendly. We aim to build strong relationships, even friendships, with our clients.

  • Do people call you charming? Funny, witty? Great to have around? If so, you’ll be a great fit. It’s so much easier to train a chatty, friendly person how to code than to try and make an ornery developer into a pleasure to be around.

So, what do you get?

  • A starting salary of £25,000 annual salary

  • Full flexible working - we are a fully remote company (technically based in London) but we are exploring getting a full office again (for those of us in/near London)

As can be expected, personal development is hugely important to us - especially as the founder was a self-taught developer - so you will be given the following:

  • A paid subscription to any learning tool you prefer

  • The time and support to work on personal web development projects to help you maximise your learning. This could be a bespoke blog for a friend (or yourself!), to a simple web app to anything and everything in between. Make sure to bring some of these ideas to the interview.

So, what do you need to do now?

We’ll be holding interviews on a rolling basis until we find the right person.

In you application, do send over:

  • A brief description of how you got into coding and what tools you have used to learn thus far

  • Send over an example of a website with great design, and explain why

  • Examples of your web work thus far

  • CV

  • Cover letter

Salary range £25,000 — 25,000

People with more experience are more than welcome to apply and compensation can be discussed.

Please mention that you come from CodeForThem when applying for this job.

Posted 2 weeks ago

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