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Frontend Engineer

| Job description

You will be responsible for the Chrome Extension and web application frontend development of Autify, software testing automation platform powered by AI. 

  • Build Chrome Extension using JavaScript

  • Build web frontend application using JavaScript

| Required

  • Developed frontend applications using JavaScript framework such as React or Vue.js

  • Understand specifications of HTML, CSS and JavaScript

  • Development experience using Babel or TypeScript

| Preferred

  • Built Chrome Extension or JavaScript plugin

  • Developed web applications using Ruby on Rails

  • E2E test automation experience with Selenium and Appium

  • Japanese (Conversational)

| Development Environment

  • Development MethodAgile

  • Project ManagementClickUp

  • Programming LanguageRuby, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Go

  • FrameworkRuby on Rails, React

  • MiddlewarePostgreSQL, Redis, Slenium

  • InfrastructureAWS, DockerSource Code ManagementGitHub

Please mention that you come from CodeForThem when applying for this job.

Posted 1 month ago

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