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Senior Backend Developer

Primary Responsibilities

Assist the team to support and maintain all software components.

Strong team player who is able to communicate well, and excited to learn new technologies in a fast phase environment.

Assist AWS infrastructure in running the required services.

Have strong knowledge in Linux systems and server management.

Able to efficiently configure AWS Elastic Beanstalk , Cloudwatch , IAM , Route 53,Elasticache, Redis and others.

Adopts best development practices and modern tools such as Git, VM, Vagrant, Docker and etc.

Ensure good documentation practices.

Benchmark and optimize performance as necessary.

Promote infrastructure best practices like security, release management, monitoring.

Design infrastructure that is resilient, secured and build highly available platform.

Facilitate the building and releasing of features by the engineering team.

Build tools and processes that increase the productivity of other engineers and ensure an efficient release pipeline.

Promote and nurture good team practices such as TDD, system security, code reviews, and pair programming.

Bring vision to the team in the form of new technology recommendations, ideas and approaches.

Provide Level 3 Support and create/integrate support infrastructure.

Automate deployments according to best practices.

Provide quality codes by testing and using up to date technologies.

Learn needed technologies and assist team when in need of assistance.

Secondary Responsibilities

Strong Node.js knowledge (mandatory).

Able to understand PHP and codes designed in Laravel framework.

Able to smoothly integrate third party services when needed, and handle curl operations.

Understands how the following technologies work: JWT, SSL, WebSocket.

Able to implement database solutions for new or existing features using MySQL / PostgreSQL (mandatory)

Have expert knowledge on caching using Redis or Memcached.

Strong in JavaScript language and experienced in non-relational database is a plus.

Assist a team of software engineers when additional help is required.


Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or related field of study.

Master’s degree in Computer Science or a related field is a plus.

At least 3-5 year experience in web development is preferred.

Open for Singaporean to apply

Please mention that you come from CodeForThem when applying for this job.

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