About pulseData

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is an under diagnosed condition that creates tremendous suffering, and is prevalent in 37 million people in the US alone. 90% of adults with CKD do not know they have it (CDC 2019). It is a momentous time for value-based kidney care.  Recently, a new approach to kidney care was unveiled at the White House (HHS/CMS/CMMI), the result of a remarkable coordinated effort with the Kidney Care community (NKF/ASN/KHI).  We at pulseData are excited to be a part of this much needed change pulseData's mission is to create Machine Learning systems to scale care workflows for kidney patients, and to proactively address the explosive growth of kidney disease patients that will fall under this new wave of value based care.  Join us! As a member of pulseData you will support us and build, deploy and monitor the infrastructure necessary to store, organize, and transform health care data for millions of patients, so we can go from data to care delivery.